Translation fees depend on the following factors:

     •  Word count - project cost is based on an electronic word count of the source text (original document).
        If the client does not have an electronic version of the text to be translated, a manual word count shall
        be the basis of the ESTIMATED cost of the project.  Final fees shall be determined from the
        electronic word count of the target text (translated document).
     •  Deadline.
     •  Technicality and complexity of subject field, format and availability of related literature/glossaries.
     •  All translations subject to a minimum fee of $50.00. 

Interpreting fees depend on:

     •  Duration of the proceeding.
     •  Technicality and complexity of subject field and format, as well as availability of related 

Currently accepted options for reimbursement of services:

     •  For business or corporate accounts - invoicing on the 1st and 15th of the month paid by
        corporate check, or per-job invoicing paid by corporate check.
     •  For individuals needing service (no personal checks accepted):                              

Professional fees

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