Services provided


Spanish – English / English – Spanish translation and interpretation services are provided at this time.  Assistance is available whether the need is face-to-face or telephone interpretation, or document translation.   Documentation and proceedings are always handled professionally with the utmost confidentiality, and will reflect the original registry, style, meaning and intent of the speaker or document to be interpreted / translated.  An effort will be made to be flexible in order to help you meet your deadline.  Satisfaction guaranteed.

Services provided include:

     •  Spanish – English / English – Spanish
     •  Specialty Fields (these include medical, insurance, worker's compensation and business, to name a few)
     •  Websites (a bilingual website extends your reach to a market of millions of previously untapped visitors)
     •  Certified translations available

     • Consecutive interpretation
What Is Consecutive Interpretation?

     • “Chuchotage” (simultaneous interpretation for small groups)
What is Chuchotage?

     Examples of interpreting venues would be medical appointments, small group presentations, training sessions
     and business meetings, among others.

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